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Concerto for Jazz Trombone (20.05)

Mississippi Moon by Gabrielle Hill

Richard Hill/Chris Barber

Andante [Ragtime]; Largo [Blues]; Presto [Stomp]

Line-up:- Picc., 2flts, 2obs, Ebclt, 2Bbclts, 2bsns. 6hns, 3tps, 3tbns, tba. Perc.1 [timps], perc.2[cymbs], perc.3[glock.]. Vlns1[8 desks], vlns2[7], vle[6], celli[5], bassi[4].

Ragtime (Andante) 63 second MP3 Sample (474k)

Blues (Largo) 83 seconds MP3 Sample (643k)

Stomp (Presto) 56 seconds MP3 Sample (439k)

This unique and highly approachable concerto, suitable for both orchestral and jazz players, was commissioned by trombonist and jazz band leader Chris Barber OBE and co-written together with British composer Richard Hill. It received its world premier behind the Berlin Wall at the Palast der Republik, the showcase venue of the former German Democratic Republic, on 2nd October 1986. The concert was given by Chris Barber [solo trombone] and the Grosse Rundfunk Orchester Berlin, conducted by Robert Hanell. Since then the work has been performed many times in Europe and the UK. A Piano Reduction version is also available for sale only.

The Concerto for Jazz Trombone [circa 20mins] is written using the language and colours of the symphony orchestra within the structures and harmonies of New Orleans jazz. Hence the dual titles of the three movements, where Andante becomes 'Ragtime', Largo is transformed into 'Blues' and 'Stomp' replaces Presto. The work explores the nature of each of these three jazz forms in depth, utilising orchestral techniques to illustrate both the classical beauty of early jazz style and its evolution, in a new and refreshing light.

No other instrument embodies the spirit of jazz in New Orleans more than the trombone. Synonymous with 'tailgating', its vibrancy, range of expression and sheer power meant that no band could be without this icon of good time music. It is also no coincidence that Richard Hill was also a trombonist and founder member of The London Gabrieli Brass Ensemble, so both composers are unashamedly biased!

This exciting and enjoyable work illustrates how close early jazz was to the symphonic tradition, which influenced its melodic and harmonic structures, and even its instrumentation. The Concerto for Jazz Trombone is very accessible, highly atmospheric and a welcome addition to the symphonic repertoire.

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