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Samuel Taylor Coleridge

A musical interpretation composed by Richard Hill

" I listened and was filled with admiration and delight. Your music provides a marvellously expressive accompaniment to the poetry and the sung sections are simply magical. The poem is a brilliant choice for your purposes, being so easy to understand at one level and so infinitely suggestive at another. "

This was the response of the eminent critic Professor John Carey, Professor of English Literature, Merton College, Oxford University, on hearing the original demonstration recording of Richard Hill's musical setting of Coleridge's epic poem 'The Rime of The Ancient Mariner'. The work, which lasts for one and a half hours, is written in seven episodes and set for tenor, baritone and narrator accompanied by a thrilling and continuous electronic musical score.

"It is an Ancient Mariner"

'It is an ancient Mariner'

47 seconds MP3 sample (373k)


In 1994, Richard took a music drama version of the piece to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where, with the addition of mime, dance and surrealistic lighting, it delighted audiences and critics alike, attracting enthusiastic reviews.

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