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Soft night and floating dreams and time shall carry me -

And let me ride on drifting tides of thought, eternity

Caught in my mind, where future, past, are bound in tight embrace -

And let me touch the moments there, the infinites that graced

Our shallow and distracted lives with deeply glowing jewels,

Remembered behind shuttered eyes, where greater kingdoms rule.


And roll out the fantasies, old wish list of the brain -

And let me make the most of them in case they don't attain

Reality, which actually, they rarely ever do -

And let me tell you - despite that, there were perhaps a few

Which leapt right out of dreamtime into memory and stay

As golden amber pictures of the way we used to play.


But scroll past the memories, find moments still to come -

And let me taste adventure there, experience the sum

Of many pleasures, much amusement, love and jollity -

And let me savour them again, enjoy the quality

Of life lived full and generous and foamed over the brim -

From the sensual to the sorrowful, from ragtime to the hymn.


Broad seas and guiding stars, but voyages will end -

So let me write the captain's log with gratitude - befriend

The cherishing of worlds within worlds, freedom to explore -

And let me speed imagination, flying it to shores

Of continents within my mind, where space and time are one

And let me treasure this great gift, 'til this old bugger's done!

©Richard Hill

Worlds Within Worlds [3:07] - soundscape composed by Richard Hill


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