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Time's a funny thing, you know,

It can go fast, it can go slow.

At my age I'd prefer the latter, but at times I must confess

I wish time would speed up again, especially when I feel depressed.


Of course, there are those moments, which you will remember well

And which you hoped would last forever but which didn't, sad to tell.

Then, there was looking forward, to a good time still to come,

Like Christmas, or a birthday, or a pretty girl who could be one

Who stays with you for evermore, at all times being nice,

Or one you wish you'd never got involved with. If you were asked twice

You'd shout "I want my time again!" and then you would discover

That Father Time marked out your line in one direction and no other -

No ticket back, so that is that. Don't make a ballyhoo -

Just join the queue, the rest of us, who found out, very much like you

That Time's the boss of all of us, he waits for us -

He knows our final rendezvous!

©Richard Hill


Time's a Funny Thing [2:27] - soundscape composed by Paul Hill


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