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I think it's time that I was off, the party's ended, that's enough.

It only lives in memory, without that looking forward bit

Which coloured all my life 'til now [a never-ending thrill!], but how

The world has changed, become deranged, and full of lying little shits,

Or murdering extremists hitched to tin-pot little gods, or even tinnier dictators.


We've made the human jungle now, where predatory bankers vow

To top the food chain, while beneath, we eat each other greedily,

And all to feed on just one thing - it's money, and the power it brings

That's now become, for everyone, the one true church to worship in,

The one and only worthwhile thing to learn from in our lives, a money-theist alma mater.


I wonder if we'll ever know the consequence of what we sow,

Or have we buggered up the world, so much that Earth will take revenge

And clear us off the planet soon, by means of hurricanes, typhoons,

Or greenhouse gases choking masses, aping Venus, to avenge

That violation and the end of caring for our home - are we our own exterminators?


So I would bid you all "So long!" In fact, I think I'm nearly gone,

And happy to be on my way, to pastures unexplored and new,

Where I'll find out if it is true that after dying, you are you,

Or not at all. You may recall the atheist philosophy,

Which tells us that quite obviously there is no place for God, but I will let you know that later... Possibly!

©Richard Hill

So Long! [3:06] - soundscape composed by Richard Hill


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