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Oh boy, do I like quantum physics -

Little, whizzy world that is its

Own quick universe of laws they say

Where chaos theory rules the day -

Or does it? Will we ever know?

While quarks are up and down and charmed

I'm sure - but not so sure they toe the line -

These tiny buggers row with Einstein.


And where on earth, or inner space

Is that Higgs boson thing they chase?

They seek it here, they seek it there,

This Pimpernel knows very well,

[Or doesn't know], but time will tell,

If time is measured by the bang -

Well, that is where it all began -

A universal gunshot, fired by whom?

Or what? Good God, it's hard to know

Who's running this old Wild West show.


So I'll just string along and see -

Or Superstring - that's more like me.

I'd like to join this posse to

Hunt down this most elusive clue -

I'm most particular with particles

Peculiar though the real article

May be, I'd like to know and love it.

So charge up your accelerator,

Set out your parameters and shove it

Into gear at speed of light,

Or nearly - close, but then not quite

That interesting velocity,

But good enough a chance to see

A particle or two, or one maybe

In two places, at the same time.

Claim it, name it, [let it be mine!] -

Let's go, let's hunt the bosons with it -

Oh boy, do I love quantum physics!

©Richard Hill

Do I Like Quantum Physics! [2:26] - soundscape composed by Richard Hill


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