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If you could tune in to the babble from Earth,

As us aliens are quite well able to do -

If you could hear [for what they are worth]

All the TV and radio transmissions too

And by clever devices, could access the niceties

Argued by priests in support of their gods,

Or the politics driven by those who are given

To selfish ambition, you'd think that it's odd

That this planet so blue could support such a crew,

Whose behaviour is quite unacceptable to

All others who occupy star systems quite nearby,

Watching in horror, as humans are seen to try

Anything, but what is right for survival -

Some of you even await the arrival

Of little green men [it's an insult to them!]

Who will fix all that's wrong, but not stay for too long,

So your culture of greed is never disrupted

And your worship of money is not interrupted.


Well, bugger you lot, for I come from a space

That is light years beyond your dimensions -

And the one thing I'm not going to do is to race

To a rescue for you. And I'd mention -

You got yourselves in, you can get yourselves out

And when you are ready, just give me a shout,

Then us aliens will judge your intentions!

©Richard Hill

Open Letter from an Alien [2:05] - soundscape composed by Richard Hill


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