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I know no other universe, save only that of dreams.

I've always enjoyed being there, where laws of space and time it seems,

Are much more fun than just the one we live with over here,

'Cos over there you needn't care what time it is, or day.

You needn't know which way to go, 'cos you are not in charge of things,

You're part of things - and what that brings is not an ego-driven state.

To find your place in inner space, you just accept your fate.


But now I've heard these quantum buffs argue they've found a clue

To other universes which, in parallel to this one, through

Their multi-versioned me's and you's and lots of other stuff,

Mean what I am is not this man, but quite another chap

Who speaks the thoughts that I was taught to bury, or to leave unsaid -

For if they're said - well, that can spread, destabilise the status quo,

Then what's unreal, or how one deals with it, one cannot know.


My homely, dreaming universe is better far than that.

It still preserves my sense of me, it doesn't have such caveats

Or spin a whirl of temporal displacement in my head,

For in my dreams, as many streaming visions flow my way,

I've learnt to love their language and their symbols - and I might suggest

That in this quest, it's better that those quantum buffs do not ignore

This paradox that quite excels! A universal parallel

That's here, belongs to all! Access is easy, I assure -

You only have to go lie down, close eyes, and dream some more!

©Richard Hill

I Know No Other Universe [3:21] - soundscape composed by Richard Hill


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