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This dot, this little pixel in a picture taken far away from home,

Is all that's left to see of us, as Voyager departs these slow rotating circles -

The final word in family snaps, a farewell from beyond the Kuiper belt,

Sent as a Valentine to Earth, a kiss for all our tiny lives, our cherished hopes and dreams.

Did you say 'cheese!' for Voyager, and smile to three point seven billion miles?

Or were you otherwise engaged in bigger issues than to face that little probe

As it braced up to forty thousand years, across the vault of blackest space

Before it meets a passing star, and passing comfort shines upon its freezing metal face.


And so, what then? And where to go, amongst far, dusty nebulae and stars?

And who might meet you, Voyager? And can they play your Golden Record, hear the child

That sends a greeting all the way from Earth, and will Chuck Berry capture them

Before they hear the glory that is Beethoven or J S Bach, or sounds of wind and surf,

Of whales and birds - and will they understand your diagrams of human form?

Or, will you journey ever on, your course massaged and changed by gravity until,

Alone and powerless, you are seduced by starlight to that oldest flame,

As streaking to your last embrace, you face our universal fate, that ultimate endgame.

©Richard Hill

Farewell, Voyager [with NASA multinational children's voice greetings to aliens] [3:37] - soundscape composed by Richard Hill and Paul Hill


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